Saturday, February 25, 2006

Geek Alert!


You'll have to indulge me a moment while I tap into my inner geek.

It's not a well-guarded secret that I used to read the occassional comic book in my youth. In truth, if I could justify the expense, I'd probably still collect them. Thankfully, though, with the technological advances of modern cinema, a lot of comics are getting the silver screen treatment. The last installment of Batman (Batman Begins) was exceptionally done, and a sequel is in the works (which hopefully doesn't turn out like Batman Returns, the sequel to Tim Burton's Batman). Of slightly less interest to me is the upcoming Superman flick, though to it's credit it has Bryan Singer at the helm, who directed the first X-Men film, which was great. Lost yet? Anyway, I have never been a big fan of Superman, as I've always found him to be too powerful. It gets boring when every villain has kryptonite. Yawn. We'll see how it turns out.

Far more exciting, however, is the anticipated third installments of Spiderman 3 and X-Men 3. The Spiderman franchise has been exceptionally done, and since it looks like Venom will be making an appearance, I'm especially eager. We'll see how X-Men 3 turns out without Bryan Singer at the helm, but the trailers have looked promising thus far.

I can't wait.


Friday, February 24, 2006


So apparently I am one of them.

Of course, in my lack of posting, no one was bound, tethered, handcuffed, lashed or gagged. I guess I've just been busy with work and such, as well as dealing with my contractor, among other things. So, for those of you that are just DYING to hear from me.....this one's for you.

Tam and I went out for dinner tonight in a post-Valentine's day date, since our schedules have been diametrically opposed of late. The Keg was the beneficiary of our patronage, and I had a fantastic steak and shrimp dinner. It makes the price tag a little easier to swallow.

The contractor has been plugging away at the basement. First coat of paint is up in the rec room. Still need to install the floor and do the finishing touches. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday it will be DONE.

I just learned that Matthew Good is going to be making a stop on his upcoming acoustic tour in London, ON at Call the Office. For those who don't know, Matt Good is my favouritest (yes, I know that's not a word) musician in the whole wide world, and has been since university. In all that time (about 10 years), I haven't been able to see him live (which may partly be attributed to being dumped in Saskatchewan for 5 of those years). I must obtain tickets to see him in London, or one of the other dates. Otherwise....heads will roll.

Speaking of heads, mine is longing for a pillow, so that's all you get.

Stay tuned.

P.S. Dad, I thought I told you not to perform handstands on the housewares. Ease up on the homebrew. :)