Sunday, July 02, 2006

Knees of Flame

At present, my knees are a fabulous shade of red. They look embarrassed. But the truth of the matter is, I sat out in the sun too long yesterday. I trekked up to Honey Harbour to visit some of the family who were staying at the Elm Cove Cottages. My dad and I took a little canoe tour around the bay, and shared some food drinks and conversation while sitting out on the deck. Apparently, I decided not to wear the sunscreen that I brought with me (you protect me from the sun), and ended up with a funny looking sunburn and a mild case of heatstroke. By the time I got home I was exhausted, was beginning to feel a little queasy, and could fry an egg on my knees. I was in good shape.

I've also been fighting some manner of ear infection/sinus congestion/sore throat/hacking cough which helped me acquire a reservation on the basement couch to sleep for the night. (It would seem a hacking cough is even more disruptive than my snoring.) So, after snapping my spine back into alignment, I got up and rustled up some of my world famous omelettes. After breakfast, it was time for some more home aggrevations renovations. We're still dealing with the grouting fiasco, and will probably need to head to Home Depot tomorrow to try and find a solution to our discolouration. On the up side, with the help of the wife's uncle, we were able to get our bathroom door installed and the trim for that door painted and secured. Score.

As I write this, my dog has just come up from where he was cowering alone in the dark basement. It's Canada Day weekend, you see......and he's freakishly afraid of fireworks.....or at least the loud noises associated with them. He's one of the most bizarre and skittish creatures I've ever come across, but that's part of his charm, I guess. I'm just glad he's home and safe, unlike the unfortunate situation currently being faced by popular blogger Magazine Man, who's tragic tale to date can be viewed
here(1), here(2) and here(3).

My boring account of recent events is at an end.


Blogger Tam's thoughts said...

the only reason he had to sleep on the sofa was because my sister and Chantal were here.

10:39 AM  

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