Monday, March 06, 2006

Uhh...what's the '+' sign mean...??

Stewie (talking on Sesame Street phone): Put me through to the Pentagon!

Ernie: Do you know what sound a cow makes?

Stewie: Don't toy with me Ernie! I've already dispacted Mr. Hooper, I've got 6 armed men stationed out side Big Bird's nest, and well as for Linda, well, its rather difficult for a deaf woman to hear an assasin approach now, isn't it?!

Ernie: Can you count to three?

Stewie: Oh indeed I can! (Pulls out a raygun.) One! Two! Three! Can I count to three for God's sake?! I'm already shooting at a fifth grade level! for those of you who haven't heard....apparently I'm going to be a Dad.




Blogger Burnie said...

Uhh...what's the '+' sign mean...??

New "Grants" fact will be the first Grant to carry the family name. Uncle Ralph has no Grant off springs and Uncle Ray doesn't have any yet will be the first to carry the name. :) Congrats

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