Monday, January 23, 2006

It's Over!

The election is over!

At least, as far as I'm concerned. The actual results don't roll in until tonight, but I voted at an advance poll, and I don't have to travel around with the party leaders anymore.

I just got back from a long stretch with the Conservatives last night. Last weekend I had gotten a call from work telling me we'd be working 4 days, with 1 overnight for certain. In London.

It ended up being 6 days. 5 overnights. No London.

Such is the nature of the political beast. We plan and plan and make sure everything is in place.....and then you're told things are changing and your plans are by and large out the window.

So....I'm going to try and enjoy my 1 day some election coverage (you'd think I'd have gotten enough), and head to the office tomorrow to put in my meal/hotel/overtime claims.



Blogger London Postmaster said...

So now you guy's can get back to 'Trying' eh eh wink wink nudge nudge...(Tam started it)... It's all over the internet!!

I Quote: (from her comment on 'Postcards from the Emergency Room...'

"...I used to say the same thing (never having kids) and now we are trying. Well I'll leave it to the big guy upstaires. If it's meant to be then we will have one if not I'm happy either way. - Tam "

4:41 PM  
Blogger Burnie said...

Dave..glad to see your back home...I know how you love to travel

5:48 PM  

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