Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Expect the Unexpected

Ahem. *cough* Uh...yeah...hi....my name is Dave, and I watch Big Brother.

Okay. There. I said it.

Now I need to say something else.

What the hell is wrong with these houseguests that they haven't turfed Dr. Evil yet? Were they sick the day they showed Season 2 in Houseguest school? Now don't get me wrong, I love watching Will play. In truth, I'm rooting for him to win (and I think he has a very good shot at that at this point). Seriously, who is more entertaining to watch than Mr. "Circuitry and Wires". And yet, I'm forced to laugh at the others in the house who don't see him as a threat.

But I think I get it.

This is Big Brother All-Stars. So every fool who walked into the house thinks that they are the best player ever to play the game and count themselves smarter than the rest of their housemates. The fact of the matter remains though, that Will is the only one in the house to have actually WON the game. I'm sure they're telling themselves that they'll keep him around for the final 2 so they will win the money since Will already won. But that's stupid. If I were on the jury, I'd still vote for Will to win.

And enough already of Benedict "James" Arnold's crying about Season 6 and Janelle's nomination of Diane. If I recall, James spent his week as HoH trying to oust "Chicken" George, and ultimately ended up getting rid of Jase. Boohoohoo. If he wanted Will or Boogie gone, he should have nominated them. And the bit about how his nominations were for the team and Janelle's were for herself......I seem to doubt that James would do anything that went against his self interest, even if that interest turned out to be keeping his own alliance happy (in which he is owed the least loyalty).

"Chicken" George? Really? Was he a threat? The dude thinks he's still on Season One and trying to win by impressing "America".

Will has the right mentality. It's a game. Have fun with it. Shake things up. Always keep them guessing.

That's why he's dangerous....and I would have booted him first.


Blogger Kim said...

A guilty pleasure for so many. Personally, I can`t believe they haven`t voted Will out either, but it would just be so great if he won again.

1:10 PM  

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