Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nodrog: The Backwards Baby

Nodrog, of course, is Gordon in reverse.

And Gordon, or "Gordo", is my new baby nephew, born at some ungodly hour on December 3rd, 2005.

But Dave....why backwards? Well....because he wanted to jump into the world feet first. Crazy breach baby. For the entire complicated story, see my brother-in-law's blog, Postcards From London.

As for my part...it goes something like this:

My wife (Tammi) and I had just finished supper. She was talking to my sister Kim on the phone. Kim was uber-pregnant and had her membranes sweeped earlier that day. Natural way to speed up labour, apparently. Anyhoo....when she got off the phone, we took the dog out for a walk. Upon returning, we phoned my mother, who had been talking to Kim, and the mother-to-be was now having contractions.

A little logistics for you. I live in Innisfil, Ontario. Kim is in London, ON, about 2 hours southeast of me. Mother is back in Sudbury, ON, about 3.5 hours north of me.

So Mom was supposed to go down to London for the labour/Christmas. But now it looks like baby boy is coming 2 weeks early. My mother-in-law was supposed to come down that weekend anyway from Sudbury, so we had Tam's father drive her and my mother to Parry Sound (1.5 hours north of me), where we met them.

We left home around 10:45pm......dog in tow.

It was a blizzard. Of course.

I don't remember what time we got to Parry Sound, but we got there. On the way back with the mothers, we got a phone call from Steve. They had a bouncing baby boy just before 1am. Name was withheld for personal introduction to the new Gran. It was now around 2am. Around 3am, we got back as far as Innisfil, and decided that due to weather and mental acuity considerations, we should stop at home and get a few hours sleep.

A few hours is equal to approximately 2.5 hours. By 7:30am, my mom and I were on the road to London (Tam had to work). We got to St. Joseph's in London about 3 hours later, including requisite stops at Tim Horton's and McDonald's. After tracking down Kim and Steve, we were introduced to Gordon Grant Loney, a.k.a. Gordo, a.k.a. Nodrog (the lame name gifted the boy from his uncle, just this very eve). We got to hear about the early morning scare, and take some pictures and video. After a few hours visit, I abandoned my mother and came home, as I had to clean out my basement for the contractor (who didn't show up).

And that's about it. Without further adieu......Gordon Grant Loney.


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